Different types of cells in human body

There are different types of cells in our body. Scientists have estimated that a human body has 37 trilliones (3.72 × 10(13)) cells in total. Following is a list of different cell types we can identify.

Red blood cells

Red blood cell is a flattened cell and  has a nucleus in the center. It is specialized to transport oxygen.

White blood cells

Liver cells 

Muscle cells 

There are three types of muscle cells. They are heart muscle cells, skeletal muscle cells and smooth muscle cells.

Skin cells

Epithelial cells

Intestinal cells 

Neuron cells

Stem cells

stem cells are undifferentiated cells. They can produce new cells again and again. They divide by mitosis and produce new cells. 

Lifespan of cells

Different cell types have different lifespans.



 intestinal cells

120 days
3-5 days


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